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Break Through Your Plant-Based Diet Plateau

The course that upgrades your plant-based journey

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Reduce Unhealthy Ingredients in Your Diet | Eat More Flavorful Foods You Love

If you’re following a plant-based diet, you’ve already made a lot of changes.

You’ve probably heard that ingredients like sugar, oil, and salt (SOS) negatively affect your body.

And if you’re feeling resistant to reducing or eliminating all three, you’re not alone.

The problem is that the presence of these three ingredients in your plant-based diet damages your short-term goals and may sabotage your long-term health.

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We know the effort it takes to live plant-based.

And if you’re wondering whether reducing SOS is just diet extremism or an important way to safeguard your health and maximize your nutrition, you deserve clarity.

In The SOS Solution, we’ll show you…


How to take that extra step

You'll learn why taking one more step toward reducing SOS in your diet is worth the added effort.

How to still eat flavorful foods!

You'll learn how to reduce SOS and still eat flavorful foods you enjoy without feeling deprived.

How to integrate these upgrades anywhere.

You'll learn how to integrate these plant-based upgrades whenever you travel or eat out.
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Research shows that reducing SOS in your diet can…

  • Improve Mood
  • Increase Energy
  • Address Stubborn Weight Gain
  • Reduce Chronic Inflammation
  • Support and Brighten Skin
  • Minimize Risk for Chronic Disease

Food doesn’t have to be a full-time job.

Dr. Rosane Oliveira

As the founding director of The UC Davis Integrative Medicine Program, Dr. Rosane Oliveira has taught thousands of people across the globe about the power of eating plant-based.

She’s spent the last 20 years researching the relationship between genetics and nutrition and how the foods we eat affect our body. Dr. Oliveira is passionate about the science of plant-based nutrition and the implementation of healthful habits that provide real results.

She created this course to show you that with smart adjustments you can reduce SOS in your food, eat a vibrant and varied diet, and enjoy a full plant-based lifestyle.

What are the challenges and rewards of reducing SOS in your diet?

Find out in the course.

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Beat the information overload with simple facts that make choosing healthful foods so much easier!

The SOS Solution is more than a course, it’s a guide.

Apply what you learn with video trainings and workbook exercises that take only minutes to complete and provide real direction.


WEEK ONE | Habit Cycle

How are eating habits formed?
Learn why you crave certain foods and how you can overcome these cravings through simple habit changes you can practice every day.

WEEK TWO | Food Science

How do calories fit into a plant-based diet?
Discover the role of energy density in food and how small amounts of (SOS) can lead to weight gain; plus learn what you can do to prevent or reverse it.

WEEK THREE | Sugar Blues

Are you eating too much sugar?
Dive into your sugar habit, learn which natural sweeteners hurt you the most and how you can create delicious treats and snacks with whole plant-based foods.

WEEK FOUR | Oil Mythology

Are oils a healthy addition to a plant-based diet?
Get the facts on oils and heart health, how to cook flavorful food without them, and which oils you can include in your diet with the least amount of damage to your body.

WEEK FIVE | Sodium Trap

Is a pinch of salt too much?
Discover salt's role as a 'silent killer,’ get the facts on thyroid function, and learn how to recover your tastebuds as you reduce salt consumption with delicious seasonings that taste great.

WEEK SIX | Food-Label Ninja

How do you select the best packaged foods?
Learn the many aliases of sugar, get real recommendations for safe amounts of sodium, and learn to outsmart the food labels on the grocery aisle.

Ignoring the effect of SOS in your diet has a cost.

Diets rich in added sugar, oil, and salt have been linked to health concerns such as:

  • Acne
  • Weight Gain
  • Lack of Energy
  • Mood Swings

And research also shows SOS plays a role in serious illnesses like:

  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Cancer

The good news:

Poor health and disease do not have to be a natural part of aging. You can learn to reduce added SOS and cook flavorful foods without unhealthful ingredients.

And that’s what The SOS Solution is all about.

The SOS Solution is more than a course, it’s your guide.

We’ll deliver the first two weeks of the course and workbooks to your email inbox when you sign up.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll send you the full suite of classes, valued at $600.

We’ve also included some amazing bonuses to make SOS living fun and easy—all at our special introductory rate.

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Included! Bonuses to make reducing SOS fun and easy



SOS-Free Cooking Workshop
Learn how to prepare SOS-free dishes from vegan chef and best-selling author, Chef AJ.


The SOS-Free Guide
How to get food sweet without sugar, moist without oil, and savory without salt.


Your Eating Out Cheat Sheet
Eat out like a pro when you order off a menu or travel with this essential tool.

What Students Are Saying

Dr. Oliveira has been my favorite plant-based educationalist from the start. Her explanations make sense, but are detailed enough to be truly informative.

Nicollete G.Plant-Based Enthusiast

Rosane puts so much energy into preparing the materials she shares with us - it's really above and beyond what anyone can expect from a class.

Cheryl K.Student

Now since beginning this WFPBNO journey, I have been enjoying making things from scratch without additives. And, oh my goodness, I had no idea how delicious straight up real food could be!

Mariah E.Student

Rosane has "hit those deep emotions" in me and for the first time in my life, I was able to connect the "why" of my eating.

Margaret F.Student


Is The SOS Solution right for me even if I am not ready to completely eliminate sugar, oil, and/or salt from my diet?

The SOS Solution is designed to increase your awareness about the health impacts of sugar, oil and salt, and your own habits regarding SOS foods. It offers practical advice to help you move forward in your plant-based journey to reach your next step—whether that is improving your habits around one specific SOS food, reducing all SOS foods, eliminating them in certain circumstances, or eliminating them entirely. Wherever you are in your plant-based journey, The SOS Solution will take you to your next desired destination.

Where does The SOS Solution take place?

The SOS Solution is an online course. You can participate from anywhere around the world so long as you have a device and internet connection.

Will I be learning alongside other students?

The SOS Solution is a self-paced, self-study course. While others may be taking the course at the same time as you, you will consume the materials and participate in the exercises individually with the ability to go at your own pace.

What time commitment does The SOS Solution require?

The estimated weekly time commitment is 2 to 3 hours. Each weekly topic consists of 4 to 7 videos that are about 5 minutes long each, along with quizzes for each video lesson and a weekly exercise to practice what you have learned while journaling about your experience. New video lessons are released each week, and you are able to work at whatever pace is best for you.

How long will I have access to The SOS Solution?

When you purchase The SOS Solution and stay beyond the refund window, you will enjoy lifetime access to the course.

Can I get professional development credit or certification for taking The SOS Solution?

At the present time, The SOS Solution is offered as a personal development course, which does not award certification or count toward continuing professional development.

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The SOS Solution teaches you how added sugar, oil, and salt can impact your health and your weight while providing the tools you need to reduce or eliminate the consumption of these ingredients in your plant-based diet.

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  • Workbooks to Track Progress
  • SOS-Free Cooking Workshop
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  • Enjoy flavorful foods without feeling deprived